About Us


5H Medical Services advisory company is committed to providing professional advice and services for medical companies. We specialize in customizing service projects for customers, based on experienced medical consultants, analysts, product registration and sales team, achieving the maximization of customer benefits. 5H not only provide customers with the front and professional advice, but also can provide clinical research, product registration, marketing and sales integration services.

5H has been successfully cooperating with a number of domestic and foreign medical enterprises, and achieving considerable economic benefits for customers. Chinese and American customers have recognized our efficient and professional advisory service. In the future, we strive to create benefits for more customers and build a bridge of cross-border cooperation in the medical industry.

Agency Service

According to the comprehensive evaluation of the Chinese market, select the best agents, open up the Chinese market.

Product Registration

Our professional CFDA registration team, proficient in CFDA regulations and reporting, also shorten the reporting period in order to take place at the first occupation of the market.


To grasp the resources of China's high quality medical device manufacturers, to realize the commercial connection and reduce the production cost.

Procurement of Raw Materials

We will provide customers with the best choice of raw material suppliers and design procurement plan; in the premise of ensuring product quality requirements, to help customers reduce the cost of raw materials.

Promotion and Sales

Chinese partners of 5H, with more than fifteen years of experience in medical product promotion and sales, have sales channels not only throughout Chinese major municipalities, but also including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Jiangsu and other developed provinces and cities of most Chinese medical devices. We can help customers quickly establish consummate sales channels, the occupation of the market, and establish a corporate reputation.
Compared to our competitors, our advantage lies in our professional team and partners. On average, we can shorten the processing time for CFDA product registration by 15%-30% for 5H Medical Services. Our cooperating network of hospitals, which includes well-known hospitals like Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking University First Hospital and The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University can facilitate clinical trials. Collaborating with our sales partners, we have extended our sale network all over China:







Sale Agents